Located on the north shore of Lake Erie, approximately 25 minutes from the Windsor-Detroit border, is the town of Kingsville.  Its unique location as one of the most southerly locations in Canada offers its residents an unusually mild winter climate, and has encouraged many retirees to settle there.  Since the 1999 restructuring, whereby the Townships of Gosfield North and South, Cottam, Ruthven, Cedar Beach, and North Ridge merged into Kingsville, the town boasts a total population of 20 908, and occupies an area of approximately 247 square kilometers.

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Leading Industries

Kingsville’s ideal climate offers optimal conditions for gardening and outdoor activities, not to mention the abundance of fresh farm produce from local farmers; in fact, Kingsville boasts the second longest growing season in all of Canada.

The Town of Kingsville is primarily an agricultural community, and is the hub of a rapidly expanding greenhouse industry, producing tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, flowers and potted plants.  It also very recently became home to three estate wineries, producing a variety of wine from their local vineyards. In Kingsville there is also a substantial sand and gravel industry, as well as a commercial fishing industry.

Economic Development

The Town of Kingsville presents a unique profile: a thriving downtown environment surrounded by traditional agricultural farming, cottage industry, together with an ever-expanding greenhouse industry. Conveniently located with easy access to international border connections and Highway 401, Kingsville is attracting the attention of manufacturing enterprises and tourism development.

Over the past year economic development strategies have been identified and prioritized; these strategies will form the basis of action plans to be developed over the coming years, focusing on the following issues:

  • Retirement and attraction of business related to this growing industry;
  • Agriculture and related activities;
  • Tourism;
  • Enhanced communication networking and connection;
  • Small business development and attraction of new manufacturing enterprises;
  • Growth of the Municipality as a Regional service centre;
  • Industrial park development;
  • Waterfront and Marina development.

The Municipality is currently involved with WEConnect and Connect Ontario, and is actively participating in the expanded opportunities this technology presents for economic development purposes.

Industrial Land Availability

Several serviced parcels of industrial land are available at competitive rates that are much less expensive than other larger municipalities. Kingsville has a favourable business environment, offering access to markets and labour supply, as well as wonderful social and cultural amenities.

Industrial Hydro and Water Rates

Hydro service to the Town is provided by both Ontario Hydro and ELK Energy at competitive rates. Water services are provided by the Town at reasonable rates and billed on a quarterly basis.

Education & Housing

Kingsville is serviced by one local high school and numerous public schools (with one offering a French immersion program), one separate school, multi-denominational churches, a diversified retail sector, and three public libraries.  Higher education opportunities are 35 minutes away at St. Clair College and the University of Windsor.

A wide range of housing is available with many options to its residents, and new housing construction is ongoing in various areas of town.


Kingsville’s  festivals are among the most attractive and well known. They include the Hamlet of Ruthven Apple Festival, the Village of Cottam Horse Show, the Migration Festival and the Fantasy of Lights Festival.  It is an area that is rich with things to do and see; its’ downtown shops are set in a Victorian theme, and provide quality personal service for all shopping needs. Tours can be arranged for Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens, Pelee Island Winery, or heritage designated houses.  Visitors and residents can also relax in any number of community parks, or by the waterfront and marina that is home to Kingsville fisheries, as well as ferry services to Pelee Island.

Municipal Services

The Town of Kingsville offers full municipal services including police protection, fire protection, water services, storm servicing and sewage service, recycling programs, garbage and waste removal.

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Source: Windsor Essex County Development Commission